My New Year Resolutions

Like many people, I do take the final days of a calendar year to reflect on it has (and could have) been and decide how I want to adapt my life to make the subsequent year more fulfilling.  I thought I would have this done January 1st, but it just wasn’t coming together.  And to be honest, the decision to make this part of my blog relaunch was a difficult decision to come to grips with, but ultimately I think it helps to build accountability, having hundreds of random people up in my business 😉

So in 2008 I resolve to…

…learn another language.  It has been years since I’ve done this, and my travels the past few years have left me feeling unprepared.  Right now, I’m trying to decide between polishing my German or going in a totally new direction for me: French or Italian.  Right now, I’ll resolve to make a decision by February 1.

…make a difference.  I know that reeks of ambiguity, but I can’t define the how/what/where without limiting myself.  In my work, I need to trust my gut more and be more vocal about what I have learned and experienced.  In society, perhaps there are organizations or causes I can be more supportive of.  In 2008 I resolve to be an positive instrument for change wherever and whenever possible.

 …finally launch every web app/blog/service I’ve started and have yet to finish.  The past couple of weeks have been alot of fun, working with code and getting my hands ‘dirty’ again.  What I have always enjoyed about technology was the ability to very quickly take an idea from vision to reality.  Unfortunately, I’ve not done that very well this year, and can’t really blame my ‘day job’ for this.  So watch this space — I’m feeling really good about some neat little projects that will be coming down the pike (thanks Andre!)

…be a better father.  I realized that the past two weeks have amounted to more time spent with my kids than the past 6 months.  I’m not proud of that fact, but what concerns me more is that they are growing up so fast, and unless I prioritize my free time better I’m going to regret what I missed.  This Christmas brought alot of ‘in-home’ games and activities, which is a start.  I also have had the privilege of Zachary reading a few pages from a book to me every night.  I love that!  Ian has shown that he not only owns me in Call of Duty 2, but also at the Hoop Game we bought for the basement (picture: 2 hoops and 6 basketballs, :30 to make the most shots).    Bottom line: I’ve never regretted time spent with my boys and girl, and I need to increase that time before it’s too late.

…stop putting off until tomorrow what I should do today.  Procrastination.  It’s something I don’t even like typing, but it exists in my life and I need to take control of it.  I’ve got so much going on, and short of hiring an Personal Assistant (which I’ve thought about), I need to use technology to help me a) prioritize, b) focus, and c) increase my efficiency.  One thing I’ve started doing that has been moderately helpful is creating calendar events for everything.  My calendar really does run my life, and so I resolve to put anything and everything in my ‘electronic PA’ as either a calendar event or a task with a defined start/stop date.

…repair relationships.  What more can I say.  I’m not the easiest person to live with, and find it really really difficult to throttle my Type A personality and drive when it comes to the ones I love and that love me.  To be brutally honest, this is the hardest for me.  Because every day I fight the urge to just hole myself away, and that’s not the answer.  This year, I resolve to be true to myself and those around me, and close out 2008 more emotionally healthy.

….play more poker.  In moderation of course (see: ‘…be a better father’), but I’m good at it and find it extremely enjoyable.  I’m not going to get to Vegas as much as I’d like to, but I resolve to get (4) trips in this year.  And now that Starwood Hotels has opened another property there I may even change my allegiance from the Venetian (horrors!).

…cook more.  Developing this cooking site (launching soon!) has awakened the love for the kitchen I had 5+ years ago.  In fact, the past couple of weeks have been great in terms of creativity — the kids really liked the sausage bread (Zach calls it ‘pizza bread’, which is probably a better name) and I’ve made a few desserts of late that turned out very nice.  Now if I can just get Jacinda to replace my cooking shears….

…eat less, exercise more.  I bought my Power Tower this week, which is great — I love doing pullups — and combined with the elliptical and (eventual) weight bench I’ve got everything I need to not have any excuses.  When I’m on the road, I may need to either start checking my bag or figure out a way to cram some workout clothes and shoes into my bag.  Probably will just check my bag more often.  Regardless, I’ve already mapped out my inline skate path, and will probably venture out even this month just so long as the ground is dry.  Great stress reliever and second only to a bath for time to reflect.

Phew!  That was cathartic, and like most things blog-worthy, emotionally draining.  Would love you readers to keep me honest about my resolutions ok?

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  1. That’s a jewel, thanks! The past few weeks were such an eye opening experience — seeing how they really loved having me home and watching how they are growing and learning. It’s all about setting my priorities you know?

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