New Year’s Day Test Kitchen

One of the great aspects of being on holiday was being able to spend time cooking, which is one of my passions.  And, with the (hopefully) soon launch of my cooking video website, I’m trying to get as much time in to experiment with different recipes, techniques and kitchen ideas.  My mum was in town last week, and I used her visit as a chance to show off some of my mad skills!  🙂 

I had bought some thinly sliced beef sirloin on a lark, and decided to create some sort of beef rollup.  clip_image001 The first thing I had to do was assess what I had to work with.  The slices were an ok quality, but I needed to do some separating out of the larger pieces for this project. 

It took a bit more time than I had envisioned, mainly because both pairs of my cooking shears are gone (don’t ask).  clip_image002Still, what I ended up with was a sizeable quantity of steak slices for the rollups and a decent portion of stir fry. 

So, now what to fill them with?  I thought about bacon or ham, but a) didn’t have any bacon and b) had visions of using the ham for some crazy quiche concoction the next morning.  So instead I decided to go with an Italian cheese along with spices and a tangy sauce of some kind.

But first, the spices.  I took out my usual: salt, pepper, clip_image003 paprika, garlic, onion powder and parsley.  I may have also used rosemary, but I can’t recall. 

After applying the spices, I brushed on Dijon mustard to give it some kick. The cheese was layered on as a final touch.


After rolling them up I used skewers because I didn’t have any toothpicks to hold them together. clip_image005The resulting rollups were broiled for about 12-15 minutes.  The result was pretty darn good – the kids liked it and most importantly my mum thought it was very tasty! In retrospect, I should have added another texture to help give it a personality, perhaps Portobello mushrooms or a dressing? I dunno, I will try again before taping this for the cooking video site.