Random thoughts @ 35,000 feet

So I’m finally headed to Chicago (courtesy of UAL) and looking forward to a weekend of NFL playoff watching. 

  • The Sheraton Bellevue isn’t my favorite Starwood hotel (and I’ve told them so), but my stay was reasonable this time: the lounge food didn’t suck and the room was pretty decent.  Now if they could beef up their WiFi signal strength, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m slumming….
  • I am in love with Teriyaki Chicken, and I don’t care who knows.  And every trip to Seattle I have to get a fix, and the best comes from little hole-in-the-wall joints. 
  • Ever since I got my Zune airport time has been less insufferable.  And if I’m not listening to music, I’m watching DiggNation podcasts – those guys crack me up, though I wish they could turn down the NSFW language a tad bit.
  • Right now, Seattle is playing Green Bay.  I don’t care.
  • No, I don’t want any pretzels.  Does anybody?  Do I look that desperate for a meal?
  • Major Rant: Are bladders getting smaller, or people just love using airplane bathrooms?!  Unless you’re flying LAX to JFK or some other cross-continent flight, it’s probably worth holding.  And who decides, when leaving for the airport, to wait until they’re flying over Montana to take a putrid dump in an airborne closet with 200 innocent bystanders held hostage for 4 freaking hours?! I like to give them the evil eye when they saunter back to their seat, foot loose and feces-free.
  • Note to friends & family.  If my IM says busy or away, don’t send me a message.  Especially “…are you there?”  I go out of my way to ignore those.  🙂
  • I wish Jack in the Box was in the midwest, just for the fries.  Best in class.
  • Why does Avis keep giving me mini SUVs and Subaru Foresters?  Just asking…
  • And on that note, I dearly miss full-service gas stations.  There should be hand sanitizer next to the pumps.
  • No album got played more on my Zune this year than “Twelve Stops And Home” by The Feeling.  It’s just chock-full of goodness.  Who knew what Rose’ was about? 


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