Grooming a Mini Me

Ian came into my office this morning with a tie in hand. “Could you help me tie this?” For school. He wants to wear a tie to school. Wow.

Those who know me are aware of how important fashion is to me (even if I don’t show it always ;)) I see it as an outlet, a way to express one’s self without saying a word. In school, it helped the geek I was known to be seem to be a little more ‘normal’ to the other kids — they voted me Best Dressed in high school, though I probably had 3 friends in the entire joint. Still, that was cool.

Olivia is a Diva, which was established prior to her birth and we’ve gone from fostering it to holding on for dear life that we can keep her ‘in the style to which she’s grown accustomed”. And Zachary has also shown to be a little Tim Gunn himself, though every time I see him where his pants backwards I have my doubts…

So we got the tie on (dad had to tie it on himself and then hand it over) and wore it with the school uniform (blue oxford & khakis). Since the shirt was going untucked we opted to keep the tie loose as well. And that was that. It was a seminal moment for me, and perhaps gives license to start making some fashion suggestions to him, see if he wants to take a more active role in buying clothes, shoes, etc.

I’m a proud dad 🙂