Christopher: 1, John Edwards: 0

Have you ever been somewhere with earphones on and people keep talking to you?  Yeah…that’s my seat mate on this UAL flight right now.  What’s that?  Am I annoyed?  Yes.  Ok, must turn my laptop a bit just in case they wonder why I’m giving them the evil eye and typing furiously.

So, what’s going on.  Well, last week was frenetically paced.  Our company was in the midst of “Mid Year Reviews” (MYRs) and so much of my waking hours was spent creating and responding to emails/IMs/reports, etc. all expressly meant to explain H1 performance and set the course for H2.  This is the 4th year that I’ve had the opportunity to participate, and it never seems to have a very good rhythm to it.  Companies can sometimes get so caught up in the process that the intent becomes secondary to the build-up that’s become an internal cottage industry.  Oh well.

This year ranks as my personal fave (topping the Jeff Raikes conversation a couple of years ago) because of an ad-hoc executive meeting I participated in.  I was on a conference call with [name withheld for no particular reason] when my GM pings me. “Hey Christopher, can you join a Deployment Initiative call?”  “Sure, when?”  I type.  “Right now.  I’m here with the [US Leadership Team] and they would like to talk to you.”  “….ok?!”  So I dialed in and for the next 90 minutes fielded questions and gave recommendations to the execs on my business.  Totally cool.  You know, how you prepare for something and figure it may never happen?  That’s what this was like.  Granted, this business has been my life for 7 years.  Still, as my GM recounted afterwards, not having been prepared would totally have been a career limiting move.  And a few email kudos from the VPs afterwards was icing on the cake. 

Of course, the bliss was short-lived as I came away with alot of follow-up activities and that has put me further behind on alot of the things that are important to me (like my blogs, web dev, poker.  Oh and family).  I’m going back to my NYRs and working hard to keep the right priorities and use Outlook to keep me sane and focused.

Well we’re about to land so this blog loaf is baked.  Peace.