One time, in band camp… is back! logo Like a phoenix, has risen! Too funny. Ok, well from the ashes brought on by my blazing stupid web server issues and disbelief as to how much time and effort it would take us to get it back up and running. Still, I must admit that the downtime did give us an opportunity to rethink what we were looking to accomplish. Collectively, we decided that we’re going to focus on having the best music reviews available on the net. That takes time too, because it makes total sense to continue reviewing by track not album, because that’s what people buy — albums are so 2005 right?

Anyways, we’ve partnered with BlogFuse to simulcast to Facebook and will eventually have email subscriptions as well. The cool thing is that everyone involved is much more relaxed this time and not trying to be the next Rolling Stone Magazine or some sort baloney. (Btw – if you know of 2-3 folks who are huge music fans and would possibly be interested in being a contributing blogger, let us know )

Beyond that, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. I’m sitting here with my trucker cap on listening to Blake Lewis and feeling pretty good about what we’ve got going so far. Going forward, my personal time developing and contributing will be minimal — probably 2hrs a week max, but thanks to oDesk and Brian Gardner Media and his Revolution theme I think we’ll find a good rhythm for keeping topical and engaging.


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