United to start charging for second bag, considers packing clothes a non-necessity

What a stupid idea. Apparently bankruptcy didn’t teach them the value of customers.

Let’s see, they furlough Pilots then take their sweet time bringing them back on, disrupting their ability to service the passengers they promise carriage to. Now, they want to charge passengers $25 per checked bag over a quantity of….1. You see, it’s easier to for the board to agree to squeeze every ounce of revenue out of your customers, no matter how irrational the premise, than to look at the outlay of salaries and bonuses paid to executives and consider that they aren’t getting much for money and clean house. Granted, this won’t affect me — I’m an elite(ist), don’t you know. But I’m still fuming over the mad scramble for food whenever I don’t upgrade to First Class on a 4hr flight.

But let’s see what else UAL can charge for:

  • $5 for blankets. $7.50 if you want a clean one.
  • $2 for pillows.
  • $10 for headphones. If you’re that outmoded to not bring your own.
  • $5 for bottled water. $1 if you want just a cup — there’s a faucet in the lavatory.
  • And while we’re on that subject. $1 buys a token to open the lavatory door. But the price decreases by $.05 for each passenger who goes before you. Don’t ask why.

I’ll stop there. Because I have a flight to NY tomorrow and they just might decide to implement some of these by then.

United to start charging for second bag – News- msnbc.com

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