T-Mobile offering home phone service

Even with all of the technology gadgets, web services and other gizmos I use there’s an underlying holy grail and that is simplicity. If I could ever to get down to a handful of service providers for everything in life, I would love it.

For probably close to 5yrs I’ve used T-Mobile for cellular, data and WiFi with good results. 3 years ago I went VOIP for my home phones, choosing Vonage. That too has been a good experience, though there are times where the voice quality is sub-par, I’ve not determined if the culprit is Vonage, my phone system or my Internet provider (Com[edy]Cast]. All together, I probably pay 25% less for servicing 5 phone numbers, Internet access (home and away) and cable TV. Good times.

T-Mobile had offered me access to their Beta when I had a house in Seattle (sniff, sniff), but I think my use of Vonage kicked me out of qualifying. This package though would decrease my$60 a month for 2 lines down to $20, while also decreasing the number of checks I write each month by 1.

And with the competition building for all-you-can-eat plans for cellular service, I may have more room for bargaining with them — I’m still peeved that I can’t upgrade my phone every 6 months without paying out the nose prices.

T-Mobile offering home phone service | Tech news blog – CNET News.com

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