Back amongst the living

drug inventory Last week was my semi-annual deathbed experience, courtesy of my work/life imbalance and the freaking mouth-breathers that are the bane of my flying experience. For every nob that leaves the restroom without washing their hands, coughs without shielding their mouth or is just plain nasty, thanks.

What made it worse this time was being on the road:Chicago->Newark->Seattle->Denver->Chicago, with a bunch of meetings that just had to happen. By Wednesday night however I was in a really bad way and had to get a Thursday afternoon flight asap and cancel Friday. That was easily my worse flight ever, just feeling miserable. And to the lady who thought she could move up to the Premier section because of the empty seats around us, you have my apologies (I ratted her out to the Flight Attendant), but I paid for the privilege to stretch out, and you didn’t.

Taking Friday off made a HUGE difference — I woke up late in the afternoon feeling 60%, and today I’m at 80-85%. The hardest thing is letting my body rest, not doing anything but sleeping, taking pills (of various FDA-regulated efficacy) and basically just not working.

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes, therapeutic and homeopathic advise, it’s nice to know that people cared.