It’s Friday, so this must be Santa Ana

I feel so used when I arrive to the airport, check in and then find out that the flight is delayed, you know?  I could have stayed at the hotel longer, maybe had a (better, cheaper) lunch.  But no, instead I’m a vagabond in a concrete camp filled with travels in similar predicaments and vendors hoping to profit from our current lot in life.

April 2007 030 But who’s complaining, right?  🙂

It’s been a looong week, having gone home long enough to coach my first soccer game, attend church (because I need to) and spend some time with the family (because I like to) before heading here to California.  8 customer meetings across 3 cities in 3 days looked much better on paper than how it turned out.  I’m exhausted, and am thankful to be off the road for a week.  In fact, I’m going to take a few days off to catch up on everything important in life.  I truly love my job, but I’m stretched too thin and need to stop trying to be everything to everyone.  Passion has to take a back seat to that reality sometimes.

Weird comment of the day: A guy gets on the elevator with me, with my Msft computer bag, shirt and baseball cap.  Asks, “So, do you work for Microsoft or just like their stuff?”  I hadn’t thought of our logo wear as being in the same clothing culture as say Nike or Adidas, but I suppose that could happen.  I told him I work for the company, at which point he proceeded to ask me questions about which versions of Office included Outlook….

April 2007 003 When it comes to the kid’s structured activities, I’ve always been the parent that looks to others to supervise, coach, etc.  Taking a leap and being the (only) coach for Zachary’s team was huge for me, and so the first game was a big deal for me.  It was alot of fun, and while I know why I hadn’t done it earlier, it would have added to my memories to have been more involved with Ian’s soccer and baseball teams when he was this age.  The parents seemed none the wiser, that I was a rookie, and the kids put all of their energy into the game.  We lost (7-0), but the team we played was 2nd place last year and apparently practices 2-3 days a week most of the year.  And it showed, oh boy.  Still, everyone was smiling, and after this week we’ll start having practices as well.

Being in San Diego brought back some really good memories, as it was our first vacation with Ian Michael and included his first plane ride and amusement park visit (Sea World).  It was a gift from the company I worked for at the time, for some (in their view) heroic efforts to address some IT and business process issues we had, culminating in some significant cost savings and new revenue streams.  I remember it took me 2 days to get relaxed and then I became depressed later in the week when I realized I had to go back :).  Anyways, the Hilton Misson Bay is a great stay.

April 2007 005 Also, had a nice respite yesterday in Riverside at the Mission Inn.  I was too involved in taking pictures to hear everything my colleague was telling me, but basically a wealthy family built this ‘mission’ over time as a homage to places they had visited.  It’s now a boutique hotel and has a quaint (albeit slow) restaurant called Las Campanas.  I would recommend going there if you have a couple of hours to kill.  Snark.



At the summit I attended last week, they gave me a pair of noise-canceling headphones as a gift!  They are so cool – something I’ve always had on my wish list, but would never buy for myself for some reason.  But I love them – it is really amazing how it changes the quality of music.  With Mariah Carey’s new album out, along with the single form Madonna’s new album I’m bopping my head in the coffee shop like a [totally non-pc reference deleted].   And maybe I’m letting my geek show, but being able to listen to 60 Minutes, Meet the Press and This American Life on podcasts is the best 🙂

Speaking of best: I’m calling out everyone who plays Scramble or Scrabulous on Facebook to throw me a game sometime!

Well, I should be on my plane right now.  Whatever.  Poop.

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