I’m much better in person

I’m taking a few days off from work to….work.  On my blog(s), on websites, help my church with a spam problem, maybe work on my yard a little.  Honestly, it will be alot of fun.  I just need to get away from the 9-to-9 job and spend some time on the things that bring me alot of personal satisfaction.

I got samples in of the new Starbucksters mug, hat and t-shirts yesterday, so I’m going to put some work in on revamping that site with the new logo.  JoeMusic is so messed up at this point I’m beyond frustration.  So I’m going to try and connive/convince/cojool Melanie from 31 Moons to help me out.

Ian Michael has been beating me soundly in Call of Duty 4, so I plan to spend some late nights boning up on my Xbox skills.  While I’m at it, might as well catch up on the 12+ hours of recorded shows and Season 3 of The Wire

Plus, I wish I was in Seattle.  Or San Diego.  Or Barcelona.  Or Bangkok.  Anywhere but Chicago.  Whatever.  I know the family loves it here, and that means alot to me.  But I can’t stand it, and can’t wait to get back on the road.

It pains me to give him any press, but Jeremiah Wright is an example of the dirty little secret that plagues the African American community: there are those that even today just can’t stand to see someone do well, and will try to pull him/her down.  They will feign offenses made, ‘keeping it real’, or a variety of other reasons why feel a righteous obligation to get/keep involved in situations or circumstances that a more caring, compassionate individual would have the right heart to know when they are doing more harm than good.  It speaks volumes for Obama that he’s tried to politely distance himself from Mr. Wright, though I’m glad he’s decided to be more pronounced in his declaration.  Let’s hope this ends soon.