MyBlogLog + Yahoo! ID: Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?


I’m frustrated this morning by the Rube Goldberg contraption Yahoo! ID calls user verification.  For those of you who have suffered through forgetting your username or password on Yahoo!, you know just how infinitely stupid the process you have to go through is.

This morning, I wanted to peruse my MyBlogLog account, and had a brain fart; I’ve been doing some cache cleaning on one of my computers and it didn’t log me in.  Not a big deal, I thought, I’ll just have them email it back to me.  Wrong.  Because now I have to deal with Yahoo!


I have no clue why the need to know my credit card information.  With 6 different card, many of which have changed over the course of the last gazillion years, I am too lazy to find my wallet and start guessing what card I may have used on Yahoo!  Why do they do this?  What reason is there?  What do they think they know about password verification that no one else knows?  Not even my bank asks such inane questions.  Criminy.

Oh, but it gets worse.  See below.  No, it’s not a joke.


Asking me my Yahoo! ID is asking what my license plate number is.  I have no idea, and really, with IE, Mozilla and even my laptop remembering this stuff and logging me in, it’s not be an issue.  Until now.

Ok.  I can kinda understand Birthday.  But Zip code throws me for a loop, because I have had 5 zipcodes since I first laid eyes on Yahoo.  And, there are (2) possible email addresses that I’ve used.  For you math folks out there, you know that means there are 10 possible combinations I have to try.

All because I want to get my MyBlogLog username back.  If Microsoft doesn’t go hostile, I just might.  Again, I can’t express how stupid a process this is.  I can’t believe anyone who’s actually worked with users came up with it.

Well, I sauntered over to one of my other computers and was ableimage to go to MyBlogLog and get logged in automatically, saving me from having to deal with Yahoo! ID’s blasted gestapo-like tactics.  Seriously guys, is Windows Live ID that bad?