Lawn Wars: Attack of the Weedwackers

Backyard Lawn

One of the joys I have is working in the yard.  Really!  For me, it’s the best of all worlds: creating something I can call my handiwork and the solitude that comes with everything from mowing the lawn to spending an hour pulling weeds, planting flowers, edging, etc.  It’s something I look forward to with the start of Spring.

I’m fortunate to have neighbors on both sides that are also good about lawn maintenance.  But yesterday I was thrown off kilter by an action that basically puts me in a defensive position.

You see, our homes are all new – less than a year old, and back to a farm (i.e., undeveloped land).  Because of this, the builders chose to leave a berm of unmanaged trees and foliage, presumably because it’s not our property.  While it’s somewhat unsightly, it’s not been a priority in terms of either a fence or making it more presentable.  Until now. 

You know how you try to sleep in on a Saturday, perhaps considering skipping mowing the grass one weekend, but then your neighbor goes and makes a masterpiece of their lawn, causing yours to look like it was transplanted from the ghetto?  Well, both neighbors have cut down the tall grass, trimmed the trees and in on case created a literal park-like setting, complete with a chair and whimsical accoutrements.  Dang.

So now, I’m the odd-man out.  And with them having a graduation party on Monday, I’m under pressure to do something this weekend, probably Saturday.  It’s not fair.  We should have discussed this as all agreed right?  Maybe opted to just get a 6ft fence and hid the badness from our offended eyes.  Or go all manly, dousing it with kerosene and going all Apocalypse Now on it.  That would have rocked!

Oh well.  Like I said, I do enjoy the yard work, but hadn’t planned on spending 25% of my (now) 4-day weekend out there.  So, on top of mowing, racking, planting seeds and doing some gardening in the front I’ll be riding my backyard of it’s Amazonian outlook.