The DNC Rules Committee: Suffering Fools Gladly and Pulling Defeat From The Jaws of Victory in ’08

I watched the DNC Rules Committee meeting yesterday and came away with a strong[er] realization that the Democratic Party is a victim of it’s own liberal quackery.  Frankly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this happened.  Still, you would have thought that with such a historic opportunity to show the world how far we’ve come in terms of equality and unity rational minds would have nipped this in the bud so that it didn’t become the cluster of all clusters and make the Republicans look like the higher evolved party.  But no.


Shame on Florida and Michigan voters.  You would think that, after the chad debacle that screwed Al Gore out of a presidency, the Sunshine State would back up the dosage of their largely geriatric constituents and just follow the blasted rules like good citizens.  But no.  The land of Disney, Shaq and RuPaul thought they were missing out on the big game and decided they wanted to move their primary up to January.  Michigan got wind of this and decided they liked that idea too.  Egads.  Now you have 2 states that had agreed to the rules in the first place opting to disobey those rules and throw the entire schedule off.  Why?  Are they that egotistical, prideful, stupid to think that there wouldn’t be a price to pay for their arrogance?  Did they expect all sins to be forgiven?  Well, that’s the banner of liberalism:  if you don’t like the rules, break them, wrap yourself in the constitution and accuse everyone of abusing your civil liberties.

And more specifically, the delegates of these two states are 100% wrong, acting like petulant children yesterday at the meeting, with the yelling, blathering about and picketing.  That should have happened in their own states, on the front lawns of the party chairpersons.  Their beef should be with the nimrods

that got them into this situation in the first place.  They knew a price would be paid for their breaking of the rules.  They knew that by holding their primaries anyways that they were risking exclusion from the convention.  Why, in the name of common sense, are you picking the people that are trying to help you get some sort of recognition at the convention?  You should have been burning effigies of the pompous folks in your home states that thrust you into this dogpile.

Shame on the Rules Committee.  For letting it get this far.  It would have been better to come out in January in a news conference before the primaries took place and tell the voters of Michigan and Florida on national TV what will happen if they disobey the rules.  Instead, you acted like a parent who lets the kids drink booze in the basement: by not calling them on the carpet upfront you gave license to their thumbing their nose by your non-response.  But like I said, it’s the way of the liberal party.  You want so much to get along, you fail to understand that there are times where it’s better to be feared than to be loved.

And what with all of the grandstanding and self promotion.  The decisions are made in the back room, away from the public and the cameras, and yet they have to come out and give time for the most vile of political operatives, Harold Ickes Clinton senior advisor Harold Ickes, Jr., center, ...time to curse and vent his Clinton-supporting bile and rabble-rouse the crowd into a frenzy with a threat of taking this to Denver?  And what of all the liars, feigning lose of their civil rights and likening this boondoggle to real issues of equality and justice when this is all about 2 states that decided to disobey the rules everyone agreed to and are being given grace to suffer a lesser penalty?  If I’m a voter in those states, I’m taking down names and making plans to run them out of office.  You hear that Allan Katz?  Mark Brewer?

At the end, this fiasco has done nothing positive for the Democratic party, and may well have lost them the election.  It will cause voters to sit back and ask themselves this:

Do I really want to vote for a party that is so divisive, so hypocritical, so unsure of it’s own significance in light of the political landscape brought upon this country by the Republican party and George Bush, to lampoon their own liberal beliefs and drag their dirty laundry in the public view for 6 months, only to walk away with a half-baked proposal that still may suffer additional retribution and strife at the convention?

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