Blogs I Read: The Consumerist – “Danger: Crocs + Escalator = Yet Another Mangled Foot”

I didn’t believe Jacinda when she first mentioned this phenomenon, but I’m now a believer and SHOCKED that there isn’t more publicity about it. 

crocsandescalators.jpgThat said, is it really Crocs’s fault?  I mean, do you sue every flip-flop maker?  What about long, flowing dress designers?  Like with the warning about strollers, there should probably be something warning you about the potential danger of wearing certain types of shoes on the escalator.

What I haven’t found is why exactly these shoes seem to get toes caught in the machine. Apparently the shoe somehow gets sucked into the escalator.  Hopefully Dateline or some other show will find a rube to try it out.

Danger: Crocs + Escalator = Yet Another Mangled Foot