The Grill Man Cometh


Well, I finally did it!  I’ve had my eye on a new grill for about 2yrs now, struggling with justifying the cost.  My old grill was a nice, 2-burner with a cooktop, 100_0591but it just wasn’t the size I felt we needed and definitely not enough BTUs.   Even after moving and a couple of windstorms tossing it around, I couldn’t get myself to give up the 100_0593Benjamins.  In fact, I went out and bought a charcoal grill, thinking that going old school would fill that empty spot in my heart.  Nope.  So I did it.  Pretty anticlimactic really. And now I have a 5-burner behemoth with a cooktop, hidden storage and close to 60,000 BTU :)   100_0597Granted, the first thing I cooked on it was hamburgers and hot dogs, but we’re getting there.  I picked up some Omaha Steaks last week, and will probably do some cooking shows on it as well, especially demonstrating breakfast meals and some dessert ideas I have.   Now that I have it, I don’t know what made me wait so long.  And, I have to buy a cover, light, rotisserie, special tools, etc.  This is gonna be fun 🙂