Ah, the days of my youth revisited in Polaroid

Warning: embarrassing photo alert…

Model Portfolio 1991 003My daughter came into my office the other day, laughing.  “Daddy, look we I found!”  I turned to partake in the wonderment of whatever newfound experience she had discovered, but froze in horror.  She’d found a box of pictures from WAY back.  She was cracking up. 

“You looked SO FUNNY daddy!”  I tried to smile appreciatively, as if my high school photo was done in forethought of having a 6yr old who would relish me as a 105lb geek with the social skills of a marmaduke.

Oh well, what is parenting if not an opportunity to be  seen at your worst and still  loved right?  Any ways, here is the offending picture, as well as a few from my modeling portfolio, about 3yrs later.

2 Replies to “Ah, the days of my youth revisited in Polaroid”

  1. I thought you were handsome then, and you are still handsome. What does looks have to do with loving? Not a requirement the last time I checked. Back int “the day” you simply love “because”.

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