Why are these people smiling?


Don’t they realize that they’ve again sold out the American Taxpayer?  That, despite how anyone may feel about this bill, they were to disorganized and partisan to get it done last week?  Or, that what’s passed is so full of bureaucratic pork and pet projects that the total costs may reach as high as $1 Trillion dollars?  And guess who is buying up our IOUs?

No, they should have finished their vote, gotten Bush’s signature and then climbed on a dozen party buses driven by a dozen Toonces the Driving Cat

I wasn’t for the bill last week, and definitely even less so of the bloated mess they have now.  Personally, I think that the blame cuts across most everyone; we should have sucked it up and let the chips fall where they may, economy wise.  That would have been the only way to learn from this debacle.

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  1. You can now refer to me as Ying-Ying’s pal cousin that lives across the ocean. I couldn’t agree more with your comments!

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