T-Mobile Watch List: T-21 Days and Counting

I’ve grown so frustrated with T-Mobile’s lack of decent phone offerings on the Windows Mobile platform that I’ve decided to move my primary phone to AT&T.  As faithful readers now, I Heart the Deathstar now, having become a Uverse subscriber and digging the Whole House PVR along with 10Mb internet speed.

I was in Redmond last week and figured I could carve out an hour to go over to the AT&T store on campus to do the deal and get the Fuze.  My anniversary date on this main phone is December 8th, and I was willing to pay a pro-rated fee to terminate early, no problem.

Well, I called T-Mo and was told that it would cost me $200!?  No gratis for being a customer for 6yrs.  No recognizing that I still have 2 other phones and HotSpot services.  I was miffed, and asked to speak to a smarter person manager.  Well, after the rep put me on hold 3 times (“the managers are really busy) I realized that they didn’t want my business.  Even calling our corporate account rep yielded no give.

Fine.  Let’s play this out.  I’m going to drop all 3 lines and the HotSpot service.  Honestly, I don’t know how some companies stay in business, when they get so caught up in policy that they lose out on opportunity staring them in the face.

I’m still going to research my options, as I’m not convinced that I am obligated to paying the full termination fee.  Either way, I’m not happy with T-Mobile and am less inclined to reconsider.

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  1. In Calif. they are looking at just this issue. I believe there are either laws in place or new laws pending. Look it up. I read the article via Yahoo news in the last couple of months. Let me know as we want out of Verizon.

    I feel your pain here!

  2. Funny, I go an email from the corp account rep, offering to go halvesies on the $200 termination fee. I politely told him to go pound sand.

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