Extreme Makeover: Mr. Mom Edition

Yesterday I started Infant Care Leave, a benefit my company offers to new parents.  Those that I have mentioned this to have responded first with a positive comment about my employer, followed with a wink of “wow, 4wks vacation!”.  Having had the good fortune of using this same benefit 6 years ago with Olivia Diane, I retort with an emphatic “Ha! If it were only so!”  You see, I guess I could use the time to sleep in, have a (even more) leisurely morning coffee at St.Arbucks, followed by lunch and a mid-afternoon traipse over to the casino, before arriving home in time for The Colbert Report.  But I’m not that guy.

It’s truly a blessing to have the time to focus on helping Phoebe Anne and her mom get settled – despite the fact that it’s been 5wks, we are still in a state of mild shock and awe.  Not in a bad way: it’s a pleasant disruption to Life As We Knew It, and that takes some getting used to.  With Olivia, I took the month of September (she was born on Father’s Day), and it still ranks as one of the most vivid experiences of pure enjoyment I’ve had as a father.  Our mornings were spent walking to St.Arbucks to read the paper, followed by afternoon naps and helping mom out around the house.  Did I take some ‘me’ time?  Absolutely?  You have to, but it was really all about my girls and making sure they were getting the rest and attention they needed.

So, I’m not taking this opportunity for granted.  Those of you who have asked about whether I’m going to Vegas or whiling away the day in online poker SNGs, here’s what my days will look like (starting yesterday):

06:30 – 08:30 Making breakfast, sometimes lunch for the kids and getting them to school.
08:30 – 09:30 Coffee & the paper or breakfast with Jacinda and Phoebe
09:30 – 12:00 Catching up on email, miscellaneous tasks around the house (dinner prep, etc.)
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch, maybe watch some TV with Jacinda
01:00 – 02:30pm Free time: usually 1-handed while I feed and/or hold Phoebe while Jacinda rests
02:30 – 03:30pm Pick up kids from school, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.
03:30 – 05:00pm Dinner continued, time with the wee ones
05:00 – 06:30pm Dinner, sometimes picking Ian up from b-ball practice
06:30 – 08:30pm Family time.  Whatever that means to the family that night….
08:30 – 11:00pm Time with Jacinda & Phoebe, maybe some ‘me’ time
11:00 – 01:00am Me Time 🙂


Obviously there is some wiggle room in there.  I’m still blogging, and am also a  twitter-er, so if you have a hankering of living La Vida Loca vicariously, do follow or at least give a shout out now and then ok? 

Honestly, going to work would be easier than this.  That’s the truth – while I reserve the right to complain and just be a guy at times, it’s a full-day job being a mom and homemaker.  The fact that my company gives me the time to get everyone back into the swing of things is something I am always thankful for, and look forward to coming back with even greater resolve to give 110% percent to them.

Well let’s see: have to go pick up Ian, then get back and finish my slow cooker mashed potatoes (fingers crossed) and turkey mignon.  Later tonight, I’m going to roast a chicken for Thursday’s dinner and possibly jump into making a cream of asparagus soup for MyCookingShow.tv after Jacinda tapes her homemade granola.

It’s a very full but good life right now.

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  1. Love your blog! You write poetically. I hope more men read this, and now that we have PROOF, in WRITING, from a MAN, that we do more around our homes than eat bon-bons and follow soap opras I can speak for most stay-at-home Moms… Thank you 🙂 It is the most rewarding and hardest “job” I have ever had, but I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of pay, vacation, sick leave, etc.

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