Inc: Article: “How Hard Could it Be?: Glory Days – Bill Gates – working for Microsoft”

Even before joining, I had friends who were Microsofties that would tell of the infamous BillG imagereviews.  Joe Spolsky is someone I never had the chance to know while at Microsoft, but whose blog I am a  big fan of.  He’s written a very interesting story about his first (only?) BillG review, that not only sheds light on Bill’s technical acumen, but also why developers like Joel made Microsoft the great software company it is.

One of the often asked questions of probably most is “have you ever met Bill?”.  For me, the answer is no.  But I find myself asking, “what would Bill think of the work I’m doing?”  Kinda silly, I know, but that’s the effect he has on our company.  You realize that we hold a very unique place in the history of technology, of computing; no one wants to fail, no one wants to be the knob that screws it up for a customer, a Partner, their friends & family.  There’s still so much potential here, it’s incredible that I get a chance every day to be a part of it.

Anyways, read the article.  It’s not that long and has very few big words.

How Hard Could it Be?: Glory Days – Bill Gates – working for Microsoft