Don’t Foi Gras Me Bro!

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  My 2nd Endoscopy (or gastroscopy for the smarty pants).  All to figure out why I seem to choke like the Buffalo Bills.  It’s a relatively minor procedure, but they have to sedate you so there’s all manner of procedure to follow:

  • No drugs for 3 days prior.  Check.
  • No food or drink after midnight.  Check.
  • Arrange for transportation to take you home.  Check. 

Funny, but these three items could just as well be describing Prom Night.  But I digress.

Apparently I’m as loony as a submariner on shore leave when sedated, so I’ll be sure to send out some tweets for those who take pleasure in that tomfoolery. 

Peace Out

5 Replies to “Don’t Foi Gras Me Bro!”

  1. Better be nice to the person transporting you home otherwise you may wait longer than you think at the hospital 😉

    Hope all goes well. May have to make a sick call on you (with the video camera). What time will you be getting home? ROFL

  2. Here’s to my honey’s procedure going well! :)….are the life insurance papers up to date? Ba ha ha But seriously, I am praying it will go well and they can fix what is making you feel yucks.
    As for the poor goose with a nozzle down his gullet…people are so mean! Who exactly thought up foi gras? “I know…let’s stick a funnel down this gooses throat, overload his liver with FAT…then eat it! Yeah!” Again, I’m a vegetarian because…. And, the funnel is filthy!

  3. Ah Chris. I do hope that today goes well. I care about you and your intestines, or something like that.

    Jacinda… does make you think twice before digging in at the dinner table (gulp)

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