Christmas Wish Lists – Cheat Sheets or Helpful Hints?

I don’t make Christmas wish lists.  I mean, I have before.  But the past couple of years I’ve holiday surprise m.jpgsolidly decided not to.  Why?  Because it takes away from what I believe gift giving should be about.

To me, a gift represents the thoughtfulness of someone.  Not just the knowing of you, but the knowing about you.  Something about what you like, desire, appreciate.  Or, at the very least, being connected enough to find someone who does.  It just seems a little off to ask someone “Hey, I’m getting you something for Christmas.  Do you have a list somewhere?”


What gives me great joy is finding things that cause the “gifted” (lol) to be pleasantly surprised to receive something and appreciate it.  No, it’s not easy sometimes, but putting a little more effort into making a gift special and memorable is a good thing, right?

Ok, now I feel like I’m coming across as a grinch.  Really, I’m not trying to.  The point I wish to make is this: how much more meaningful would gift giving be if we took the time to think about what would please the person, rather than marking things off a list like a bunch of groceries.  And while Christmas 2008 will pass in 2 days, I think it’s something to consider for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

Great.  Now I won’t get anything.  Meh.

2 Replies to “Christmas Wish Lists – Cheat Sheets or Helpful Hints?”

  1. So, Mr. Ross…how did I rate this year? I was pretty excited….I think I purchased things that you really liked.

  2. You did exceptional, thank you again! All my buddies are envious of my tools, but secretly wished they had the bath tray 😉

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