Revisiting My 2008 Resolutions

The Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines resolute as firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.  I couldn’t have defined it better.  Last year, I did in fact create me first real list of New Year Resolutions.  It was a good experience, if for no other reason in that the exercise caused me to think about the prior year and at least consider what I wanted to accomplish in 2008.  So how did I do on my 2008 resolutions? 

Learn another language: F.  I just didn’t get around to make the time for it.  And, the person I wanted to converse with isn’t talking to me any more (see: Repair Relationships).

Make a difference: C.  Yeah, this was to ambiguous.  I think I did some good, both personally and professionally, but I should have been more specific.  That would make me feel better about the results. 

Finally launch every web app/blog/service I’ve started and have yet to finish: C+ I really tried hard here to be less ADD about everything Web 2.0, but it’s so hard!  But, I did get several projects either completed or off my plate, most notably and (thanks for the cattle prod Andre!).  Today, I took the covers off of, a work-related catharsis for me.  And, I finally found some good developer help, so that will help get things done more quickly.

Be a better father: B- I put a minus on there because I think around September I started getting my priorities screwed up and became the workaholic that I so dearly love.  Interestingly, Zachary has taken to coming up to me out of the blue and telling me how great a dad I am.  Yeah, wow.

Stop putting off until tomorrow what I should do today: C+ Again, I petered out around mid-year on this.  Just too much on my plate, I seriously considered getting a personal assistant.  It may seem overkill, but how different is that from having a maid come in 2x a week?

Repair relationships: B- Always a work in process.  Always.  I think what I’ve had to work on the most is caring about relationships.  That’s hard, especially when you can’t just troubleshoot, diagnose and fix like a software program.  Heck, just instilling logic into conversations would be a monumental leap.  But I digress…

Play more poker: C This should have been play better poker.  I did play more in 2008, but it was more low-dollar games (home, online SNGs) that don’t really hone my skills.  Only 1 trip to Vegas too 🙁

Cook more: A+ Without a doubt, I knocked this one out the ballpark.  Focusing on getting launched was a big part of this.

Eat less, exercise more: C Again, I just made it to about August/September and then the wheels came of the cart.  Then, I allowed myself the traditional Thanksgiving – year’s end grace period, summarily gaining tonnage.  Drats.

There you go.  How did you do?  I’m going to take some more time before committing to my 2009 Resolutions.

3 Replies to “Revisiting My 2008 Resolutions”

  1. Maybe this year a few less resolutions? As for me, I set no resolutions for 2008 thus had nothing to feel badly for not keeping.

    I always try to improve me and my relationships and grade as I go.

  2. Really? I like to have goals, and new year resolutions are a good way for me to consider what I want to accomplish for the year and then look back and learn what went well and where I can improve.

  3. But see you are so you and that works for you which is one of the many great things we like about having you as a friend. You balance us who just can’t go there. That whole self evaluating, end of the year, keeping goals for 365 days idea is just so … daunting. 🙂

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