Coming Out Of The Closet ….

…took 30 minutes this morning.  It started with not knowing what I was going to where today.  You ever have that, where you just don’t know what you feel like wearing?  Yesterday, it was a tie and vest (with jeans) and the day before was jeans and a sweater.  But today I woke up and had no idea.  So, I spent 20 minutes taking a bunch of dry cleaning off of the wire hangers and rehanging on wooden hangers (insert Mommie Dearest joke here).  It’s was needful, but totally not what I should have been doing.

Question: does any dry cleaner give money back for returning hangers?  Mine doesn’t 🙁 

Anyways…finally decided on a jeans and a button-down shirt, then it was the shoes: loafers, lace-ups or boots?  Belt or no?  What kind of belt?  Sheesh.

The kids seems to have taken after me, because despite having a finite clothing portfolio 5 days a week (private school), many mornings start with a least one of them coming down for breakfast sans something (ideally, a shirt).  This week I started them getting clothes out the night before for review.  Let’s hope that works, because nothing makes my cereal soggy as much as finding out 15 minutes before they have to leave for school that the only pants they can find are the ones they wore to lay brick or something over the weekend.

By the way, Macy’s holiday sale on clothes is insane right now!  Bought the girls matching dresses and about 5 other outfits today for (drumroll) about $80 after discounts and (2) $15 coupons.  I was so excited about the choices I actually stopped shopping to call Jacinda to meet me at the mall for support so I didn’t go crazy.  Still, I may go back and get a suit for Ian…

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. Bill Cosby moments are precious. Now if we (adults) can learn to do as we tell our kids to do it would be a perfect world (smile). Love ya mom

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