Mix 1 Part Basketball, 1 Part Teenagers, and what do you get? A fractured foot!


Let me start by saying that it was a great time.  Our school had a fundraiser which involved a Parents vs Students basketball tournament.  Not only was it fun to watch the other dads play in their games, it was great to be on the court with Ian Michael.  And while we didn’t get too many times 1 on 1, I loved the fact that we were both playing a game we thoroughly enjoy.

About 2 minutes into our game however, there was an opposing team fast break and I took a stumble while heading down the court.  Instinctively, my right foot tried to stretch in mid-stride to allow my left leg time to catch up, to prevent a fall.  It didn’t, and I made a pretty cool (I thought) stuntman tuck & roll.  When I got back up, there was a sharp pain in the arch of my foot, but I shrugged it off and limped around for the balance of the game.

Afterwards, it became really difficult to put weight on, but I figured that I just pulled something and it would "work itself out".  Well, it didn’t.  By the time I got home I couldn’t put any weight on it.  So, I figured I better have it looked at – got a flight out to Seattle on Sunday and walking is a big part of my day.

The prognosis?  A fractured foot bone.  Ugh.  Fortunately, I happen to have crutches already just for situations like this