My 100-day Challenge: Day 1

It’s been a long time getting to this point, but I’m happy to be starting my personal 100-day challenge to focus on my physical self.  Not one to make excuses, I’ve just let myself go (oh, you didn’t notice?  why thank you!) and am going to do something about it.  And, being a social man-about-town, I’ve decided to journal the experience on my blog, complete with an online chart of my progress courtesy of Docs for Facebook.

Why 100 days?  I dunno, seems like a nice number.  Oh, and I’m ready to start P90x; I’ll take a few days to warm up and prepare myself before starting (and one more visit to my physician).  I’ve had several friends who are going through the program with good results.  I’ve watched a few of the videos, gone through the book – it’s exactly what I’m looking for: challenging to the point I may cry like a little girl.

I’m excited about doing this, because life is really great and the only thing missing is feeling my physical body is in top shape again.  Today was just about weighing in and beginning to make some small changes.

  • My weight came in at 222.5, body fat at 32%.  Both better than I expected (on a 6ft frame).  For years I’d bulked up with muscle, but lately it’s become flabby flab flab.  I don’t plan to become a triathlete, but I think I make a better Jaguar than Peterbilt.
  • The past few months I’ve occasionally “rewarded” myself with a soda.  That’s gonna stop – for over a year I’ve gone without it, and there’s no real reason to go back to syrup water.
  • Eating better.  Another slippage, and a little harder to give up.  I’m sticking with my candy, but laying off the chips and desserts some more.

So…..I’ll probably update a little bit each day, to keep myself motivated and be able to look back on what I accomplish.  Wish me well, ok?

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  1. What a wonderful wife :). Gotta meet Jacinda one day!
    Go for it man, do whatever makes you feel healthier and happier. I’m always up for a run (or happy hour, that’s just me ;-)) so let me know when you are in town.
    GO Chris GO!

  2. Well, I’m just relieved to see you weigh more than I do. LOL.
    I don’t know about the P90 thing. But I did take a decent WALK yesterday – thought I had tiny stones in my shoes, but discovered its is possible to get blisters within a quarter mile of the house if you don’t wear socks, so I had to take my shoes off and walk the rest of the way home barefoot. Whined for the rest of the day about how sore the bottom of my feet were…………

    I could care less about candy – so I have something on you in that regard, but if I gave up sandwiches (I could eat shoe leather if you put it between two slabs of bread and put some mayo on it) I would promptly return to the weight I was when you knew me. Of course, I would probably starve to death because apart from sandwiches, I wouldn’t know what to feed myself. Vegetables? Oh, the horror!

    Good for you for your new resolution. I may join you in it………..albeit, in a low carb version – as that’s the only thing that works for me. Love to you and Jacinda…..the cutest couple I know. 🙂

    Good luck!


  3. I agree with your wife your look great. Proud of you and I know you can and will do your very best and I will remember your challenge as I pray for you. Remember “I (we) can do all things throught Christ who strengthen me (us)”. Every new day is a new beginning so don’t get hung up on “what I did not do yesterday”. Get going, you can do this. Love you much

  4. Go Chris Go!!!! Good luck – remember one of my favorite quotes if you need some inspiration – ‘Built by determination; fueled by motivation; maintained by commitment’ !

    If you are ever in Seattle and want a but kicking workout you can come to one of my gym classes as my guest 🙂

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