Commute Craziness

The past three months, I have driven more miles than in all of 2009! Managing a local business and team has me traveling five days a week, either to our office or various customers and business partners. To be certain, I love the destinations, it’s the getting there that is mind-numbing. So I will save you from a rant about the banality of commuting and share with you the top 5 things I don’t like seeing on the road.

1. Digitally Distracted Drivers. I love my mobile phone as much as the next guy. But, I also like to drive fast. So, I opt to avoid doing both at the same time as much as possible. And now that I see, daily, the effects of trying to drive and talk or text, I am a becoming a believer in making it illegal. Very easy to spot, the slowness, wandering lane (or sometimes the other lane), etc. it doesn’t surprise me the number of accidents that occur.

2. Motoring Makeup. Years ago when I would commute to downtown Chicago by train, there was a female passenger who was known for arriving on the 7:20 with her makeup kit, replete with lighted mirror, and putting on her face for the first 20 minutes of the commute. Why she didn’t just wake up 20 minutes earlier was a mystery, but it was nothing compared to the debutante that get their Mary Kay on while driving down the road. Seriously?! It can’t look good, that’s for sure. And there is that horrible realization that someone, someday is going to suffer an eyebrow pencil to the pupil at a traffic signal.

3. Football player-sized men in Volkswagen Beetles. Visualize it. Nothing more to say.

4. Drivers with an arm out the window. The drivers are just a little too casual for me, so I try to pass them as quickly as possible. Especially the guy holding his coffee mug out there, presumably to cool it off. Just too casual of a driver for me.

5. Wisconsin plates. Drive like tourists, slow and plodding. And turn signals must be like Kryptonite to them. They need a yellow stripe on their bumper (ask a NASCAR fan what that signifies).

Like I said, I enjoy the destinations of customer meetings and working with a great local team face-to-face, but the travel getting there is something I wish could be avoided most days.