Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Bane and Blessing of Facebook

Recently, I’ve removed some acquaintances from Facebook.  It wasn’t something I wanted to do, as each has had a positive impact on my life, family or career.  But they crossed a line in terms of remarks, direct or implied, that I chose to no longer tolerate.  I believe that my Facebook friends should be just that, friends.  And while we can and do disagree on a multitude of topics, it should always be done with respect and never, ever, with prejudice.

You see, I like, no, I love Facebook – it truly is the way that I stay connected to and conversant with my friends.  I’ve been at times amused, perplexed, proud and inspired by their status updates, wall posts, messages and links.  And more pictures than I can count have caused me to smile, laugh or comment on their willingness to be caught doing all manner of silliness.  It really has added to the purpose and appreciation I have for everyone in my life.

But there’s also the realization that, for a very small number of my considered friends, Facebook has laid bare their hypocrisies, racism, religious intolerances and ignorance.  And because I see every relationship as an extension of who I am, it’s important that I distance myself from those who would call into question what I stand for.

So if you are reading this and find yourself no longer able to connect with me on Facebook, I’m probably referring to you.  And while it really hurt to do it, I hope you understand the reason why.  There are other ways we can stay in touch, and I hope that we do.  Just know that I value my friendships, our friendship too much to not be honest in my convictions.

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  1. I agree. I have said that you can look at FB many ways…but the fact remains that it truly is a window to someone’s heart. It lays aside all of the fluff and fascade that we wear to make everyone in our daily lives think we have it all together. Many say things online that they would never say to someone’s face. Sad but true.

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