My First Groupon Gripe

It was bound to happen at some point. So, I get an email on Friday announcing a Super Groupon for Barnes and Noble, $10 gets you $20. Nice enough, so I click the Buy It button. Except, instead of logging me in and confirming the payment method in my account, it takes me to a page asking for my address, payment info, etc. Weird, I think, and try again. Same thing. I notice a statement telling me that if I am already a Groupon member, to just re-enter my information anyways. Hmm. Why would I do that?

So I make a remark on twitter about how this may be a seminal moment for Groupon, seeing that they have a $3M SuperBowl ad today, a Super Groupon and….the site is broken. So I give them a day to fix it, hoping for the best.

Yesterday morning I try again, several times. No dice. I get a tweet back from @GrouponChicago, suggesting that the problem has been fixed and I should try again. Nope, still not working. A few more tweets later I understand that the Super Groupon is coming from a backup site, one that doesn’t have access apparently to all of the member data. Interesting.

And so we are at an impasse. Groupon can’t seem to fix their Super Groupon to run from the main site, and I refuse to re-enter my personal data in order to take advantage of a pretty good deal. It’s the principle of it – focus on getting the site fixed, and less time coming up with band-aids for it. Because the expected throng of new customers are not going to be as forgiving or tolerant, given the competition that is building.

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  1. I think it may also be determined by what City you go through. But I’ll keep trying; it seems some of the early Groupon adopters still run into login issues time to time, particularly those who later integrated their accounts with Facebook.

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