Random thoughts while enjoying my coffee

I’m sitting in a (new to me) Starbucks, enjoying a morning coffee while listening to Chris Tomlin, thinking about what Saturday lay before me. But I was distracted by the pj-clad woman I tweeted about earlier, and thought I would revisit my list of Starbucks pet peeves, just for grins.

Leaving a mess for others is high on my list. Whether at the counter or table, I am disappointed at the patrons who just up and leave napkins, plates, crumbs, newspapers, etc. and walk out the door. I daresay most wouldn’t do this at McDonalds’s, yet somehow feel justified perhaps because they paid $3 for a cup of joe.

A close second is when groups come in, rearrange the chairs and tables to fit their needs, then also leave. At the St.Arbucks I worship at, er frequent I see this often, then lament when a Barista comes out and takes down the 10-person conference center erected in their absence.

While I am in this vein, what’s with making an office out of a 4-top? As a single person? During the busiest parts of the day? I recall seeing a guy with 2 laptops, 2 tables, numerous books and a copy machine busily working away like this was his dorm room. Ok, he didn’t have a copy machine at the table. But still. I’m not want to fault making a home out of Sbux, but let’s all agree that sharing is caring, alright?

Phones. Take them outside. Run, don’t walk. I don’t care how important you are, or how cool your ear rocket is, allowing you to talk with the PM of Canada whilst you sip your Venti Frap. Seriously, you suck more than you know when you make is all the audience to your reality show.

Well, that was cathartic! Aywho, enjoy your Saturday. Tip a cup of Tribute Blend for me. 🙂