Five Tips of Foursquare Etiquette

I’m a slave to social media, with Foursquare checkins and mayorships a fun part of daily life for the couple of years.  For the uninitiated, Foursquare is a service through which you can “check in” to the various places you frequent.  Your checkins earn you badges to reflect different attainments, sometimes discounts, and for the most frequent checkins, Mayorships.  No, there really isn’t a purpose.  Yes, there is some privacy risk.  Meh.

Anyways, seeing more of my friends getting involved, I thought I would share a few tips to prevent looking like a noob.

Checking in at home is kinda lame. Really.  It’s akin to dunking on Spudd Webb.  Personally, I think it’s a sign of desperation, but to each his own.  (Love ya Pastor Rich! –  I like being the Mayor of our church!)  Smile

Don’t be rude. Ok, the first “{John Doe} is the Mayor of Your Mom” was funny, as was “Love Shack” and 9th Ring of Hell.  Now, they’re just crass and juvenile.  Remember, the internet has a very long memory.

Search before creating a new venue. Probably my biggest pet peeve, particularly when I find my Mayorship weakened by 4Squarers creating the same venue because they were too lazy to search first.  Trust me, while it was highly possible that coffee shop wasn’t listed a year ago, don’t assume because it doesn’t show up at first glance that you’re a pioneer.  But if you are, take the time to get the name right and put in the address, for style points.

Feel free to go “Off the Grid”.  Your family, friends and conscience may thank you later. There are places I check in and don’t announce.  Like, my 49th day in the office, 3rd trip that day to Home Depot, or just stopping at the gas station.  Remember, you still get credit despite not announcing your every location.  You just need to broadcast when you are 1 day from a mayorship.

Tip generously. Something I need to be more diligent in myself because it’s really half the fun of 4Sq.  That is, leaving tips for others about the venue, whether it is your favorite dish at that restaurant, hints for the newbies or just a few kind words about the joint.

That’s it, hope to see you there.