As I See It Ep. 002


Hey, well I think this may work out for me, doing short vBlogs.  By request, here are links to some of the topics I discussed. 


  • The Wall Street Journal for iPad
  • Xfinity 4G/3G Mobile Hotspot
  • The pet project of Jacinda’s,  Yes, we’ve been very slow in updating it with video.  Stay tuned, lots of Farmer’s Markets visits being scheduled along with more recipes.  And, look for an update to the theme in the next couple of days.  Blip.TV dropped some of the links, so that will get fixed too.


2 Replies to “As I See It Ep. 002”

  1. You could have had a cool on the spot vlog of the plane crash. Action news reporter Chris on the spot ! Viewer #1 checking in!

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