Five Apps in Five Days

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, mostly good, mostly necessary. But over the last few days I have felt something missing from my “technology soul”. No amount of consulting, blogging, tweaking various websites or working on my Tech Crib seemed to satisfy me. Ugh.

Last night, I discovered what I need: a goal. More specifically, a technology project that I can own, soup-to-nuts, that will force me to focus on Getting Things Done. And, I want to go big. So, here goes: over the next 5 days, I am going to create five applications.


Yep. This weekend, I will scope them out, doing some basic design work, etc., and starting Monday morning I will end each day (11:59:59pm) with 1 new application. Depending upon the platform I chose, I will either launch it for public consumption/ridicule/disdain/adoration or post a video demo should it require marketplace acceptance (Windows Phone 7, Apple iPod/iPad).

Just thinking about is last night and this morning has me excited – I will readily acknowledge that I am not the hacker I was 5 (10?) years ago. But it is important to that I always be able to speak and manage with an educated authority, right? A “book soldier” does not a great leader/consultant/technologist make.

So there ya go. If you have any suggestions, throw them my way. Obviously I won’t be developing the next great ERP app in a day, but I will strive to make each one practical to some audience.