Five Apps in Five Days–Day One

Ugh.  This is harder than I thought but going…ok.  Today, I’m working on a (relatively) simple iOS app, taking content from a website and repurposing it as an online magazine.  It’s a good exercise, as I have a business client interested in something similar.  But it’s 2:30pm and I’m already struggling with some *stuff*.  Starbucks is helping, but not much.

RSS Feeds. You would think that, by now, this would be a relatively easy way to draw content out of anything.  Eh, not so much.  Thank to for a stupid site redesign that hides producer login (bottom of the page?  really?).  And, can I just say that farming out customer support is one thing, but requiring a separate login and seemingly making every effort to absolve yourself from having to respond is evil.

Design. All my best design work is done in PowerPoint.  Seriously, it’s never been my strong suit.  So when faced with having to create an app on a device known for encouraging some beautiful design and UE work, I’m hyperventilating like a football player in a spelling bee.

But enough bellyaching.  I’m going to power through and have something done by the end of the day (again, 11:59:59pm).  This is exactly what I needed, a really good technical challenge.