Giving Thanks

So here it is almost midnight, and I am still wide awake. Seems there is always something that can be done, and my mind it does not idle well. The thought came to me to write. But about what? Well, why not just give thanks? Perfect.

Thank you to Andrew, who emailed me yesterday about having coffee today. Just coffee. I hope I never undervalue having a conversation.

Thank you to my parents. No particular reason. I am truly blessed with the best parents I could ever hope for.

Thanks to everyone who gave me a Like on Facebook, left a comment related to anything I posted, or retweeted one of my many declarations.

Thanks to my Founder Institute working group. Kate, Ryan, Steven, I can’t think of a better crew to be on this journey with. Still, I think Michelle would have been a good fit.

Thanks to my kids. Despite my many flaws, embarrassing antics, forgetfulness and impatience, they still call me dad and smile.

Thanks to Spotify, Pandora and Zune. What would I do without music? You make it happen for me so easily. It really makes my day, music.

Thanks to the Starbucks crews I interacted with the week. You’re my oasis. But seriously, those breakfast sandwiches have to go.

Thanks to my wife. We both know you can do much better.

Thanks to Groupon. You’ve become a discovery tool for me. Oh, and congrats on the IPO. Don’t screw it up.

Thanks to Peter and Joe for your mentorship this week. Your perspectives were very different, but equally valued.

That felt good.

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