Things I Want My Kids to Know

I have been religiously using Evernote for note-taking and capturing random thoughts in anticipation of the day where my mind is less inclined to remember this stuff. One section is just a bunch of notes I’ve written of things I try to share with my kids periodically. Nothing earthshattering, just little snippets that I hope will have an impact on their lives. Thought I would share a few.

Your mother and I want the best for you. Sometimes it will be given. Other times, we will merely point you in the right direction. As you get older, expect less of the former, more of the latter.

I am your father just as much as you are my child. That will never change. So, let’s both try to make the best of the situation, ok? The journey will be worth it.

Be true to yourself. It’s the best foundation to build your character on.

When it’s your turn to speak up, speak up. The world is full of noise: you have to make your voice heard – no one is going to put a megaphone in our hand.

Every day, strive to learn something new.

Boys, love and respect the women in your life: your sisters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins and most especially your mother. You will never understand all she has given to make you the person you are today and will be tomorrow.

Girls, love and respect yourself more than anyone else, including me. In fact, let that be your goal – it’s unattainable, but will keep your head up.

Never forget whose you are, and hold your head up.

Never underestimate how much more I know about most everything than you. Including, believe it or not, you.

When it comes to friends, value quality more than quantity. I will tell you that, while I have had many great acquaintances throughout my life, I can count the number of true friendships on two hands with a few fingers left over.

When in doubt, do as I say, not as I do. Its not that I am a hypocrite. Rather, I am still learning and growing almost as much as you are.

You will come to realize that I am not perfect. It’s no secret. But hopefully you will also come to realize that I am trying to make you better than myself.

Go to Church. If the doors are open there is no place better for you to be.

Love your mother. Always and unconditionally. The worse people in the world are the ones that don’t.

I am not your mother, nor she me. Your comfort in this will vacillate based on a variety of circumstances. Appreciate that.

In every situation, try to assume the best before acknowledging the worse. Optimism is a very good trait.

Strive to be a Leader. And when you must follow, be a strong follower.

Choose your words wisely, but be honest with others.

Always take on more responsibility than what is given to you. Overachieve.

Never compromise when it comes to what you believe in, whether it be religion, politics or your own self worth.

When given the chance, make your own choices.

I love each of you equally with all of my heart. Always have. Always will.