The Best Part of Christmas Day

Those of you who are parents understand that feeling when the last present is opened and all that’s left is cleaning up the wrapping paper, procuring the batteries you stockpiled, and finding the tools necessary to put together every blasted contraption that appeared all ready to go.

Whew, we did it!

Another Christmas Day of good memories for the kids and grownups, good food and fellowship. Hopefully by now you’re relaxing, as I am. It’s been a great day all around: stayed pretty close to budget, with everyone getting a good assortment of gifts (expected and surprises); all of the snacks and meals were not only delicious surprisingly calorie-free (that’s what I am holding to). While I did a little work on FotoJelly, I was pretty good about staying engaged with everyone for most of the time, even watching the movie Elf (a tradition in the making).

So before I succumb to the late hour and get some much needed rest I thought I’d share what the best part of Christmas Day has been for me. When I asked my daughters, they responded by telling of the present they received that (today) was most appreciated, which is understandable. And while I am very happy with the gifts I received, they aren’t the best part of Christmas for me.

What I appreciated most today was being home, unencumbered with the cares of life, enjoying time with my family. While too many days were spent in hospitals, everyone is relatively healthy and strong. I miss that one of my siblings and her family have moved away, but am happy to be growing a stronger relationship with my (always!) baby sister. And I’m pleased that the addition to our household this year wasn’t another pet, but another Mom to lessen the burden that I know I can be.

I’ve come to believe that it is not coincidence that the new year begins 7 days after Christmas. It’s become my custom to reflect during this time on how the year has gone, and make plans for what I want to accomplish over the next 365 days. But tonight, I’m just expressing thanks for a Christmas Day that was just a grand time with immediate family, reminding me to be very thankful for the blessings they are.