Social Doesn’t Filter Stupid

It’s my opinion that the Internet, and more specifically services like Facebook, have done more to raise awareness of the selfishness of people than anything else.

Now, while I’m not a prude, I do feel that there is a time and place for “artistic” nudity. And that place isn’t on a social network where kids 13yrs and up reside. Yes, I’m one of those folks who do Hide, Mark as Spam, and even Report as Abuse photos and comments that don’t seem to me as appropriate for an audience that wouldn’t be allowed to see a movie with the same content.

So when my News Feed alerted me that a relative had updated their cover photo with artwork consisting of a female nude, I was not happy. Why? Because my first thought was whether my teenage boy was a friend imageof theirs on Facebook, and would see this. So, I Hid the photo from my news feed and sent them a private message expressing my concern that a) the photo probably shouldn’t be on Facebook, and b) express my concern in a way I felt they would understand – that their teenage nephew could possibly see this.

The response I got was not what I expected. Basically, it’s not their problem. Wow. Ok. Wow.

Granted, we are not the closest – our branches of the family tree are through marriage. But I’d hoped that they would understand and respect my request as being reasonable.

Sadly, I’m sure I am not alone in realizing the futility of wishing common sense and reasonableness would somehow be infuse the collective consciousness of the Social Public. The reality is that everyone (including myself) tend to find social networks an empowering soapbox for expressing ourselves, while hiding behind the virtual expanses of the internet.

So, partly because of the harshness of their reply, partly because I don’t feel the need for Facebook Drama, I unfriended this person. And, I’ll make sure my teens aren’t their Friend on Facebook. At least until their 18yrs old.