Love, Breakfast

Nutritionist will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I would agree with them. But for me its importance is less to do with its heartiness and more about how it symbolizes a hearts intent.

I really enjoy making breakfast for the family on weekend mornings. The waking relatively early,  thoughtfully preparing something we can enjoy and eat together while discussing the past week and upcoming activities are a bonding event as well as a  are way for me to convey how important they are to me. And to give them all a big hug that says I Love You.  Truth be told, it is also helpful for conveying “Sorry”, “Congratulations!”, “May I Please…”, or “There is something I need to tell you.” But you get the point.

And while I love to cook, sometimes going full-on Cracker Barrel isn’t in me. And that is okay. The very effort and (most impactful) presentation go a long way to someone who is refreshed from sleeping in and hungry.

Here’s a little secret: I also benefit, getting 60-90 minutes of personal time to reflect,  read, or listen to a podcast too. It’s a give/get I learned by taking Ian out to breakfast on Saturdays. Jacinda would sleep in, I could read the paper while he played in the park. Returning home, he would go down for a nap and I would get rewarded for being such a thoughtful dad with time off for good behavior.

We all live such busy lives. Rare is there a day of the work week that we are all gathered for a meal. Some of the fondest memories I have from growing up are of meals my mom presided over, bringing the family together.  I’d like to think my token is appreciated, anticipated,  hopefully remembered.