Truly, Love Waits

Yesterday I received the news that my aunt’s husband passed away. “Mr. D”, as I have known him all my life, was a century old and a part of my life from the time I was born. A respectable, handsome gentleman, his love for my Aunt and her son, my cousin, was undeniable. I was fortunate to spend a month with my Aunt during a summer of traveling in my youth. And during that time he was a father figure to me, offering advice on everything life has to offer. I still recall his “talk about the ladies” one evening I had decided to go out to the clubs. Suffice it to say he was blunt and got my attention!

Above all, he and my Aunt were in love. Patiently, they waited decades for the proper time to get married, just a few years ago. Recently however he suffered a fall that ultimately led to his health’s decline. But I know they both would say that those years as husband and wife were their most joyous. Oh, that we all have a relationship like that. Where nothing else matters but the change to be as one, no matter how long it takes. And, to then treasure that gift so very much. The way she would talk of him, there was no doubt he was her prince. And his doting on her was smooth like butter – there was no doubt when he called for “Baby” who he was talking about. I smile just thinking back to the way they spoke to one another.

When I heard of his accident I considered visiting, but prayed that he would come through. I’ll always remember him for who he was as a man and hope to someday be remembered with even half the respect and love he richly deserved.