The Christmas Miracle

Christmas Nativity SceneFor our Christmas Eve service,  Pastor spoke about signs and how even when believing with faith they can be expected.  He shared how the birth of Christ was a sign of God’s love for us and his desire to offer us salvation. A simple message but one that really spoke to me.

This year has been a roller coaster on many levels,  most notably family illnesses and personal relationships.  I find myself daily looking back to a year ago, trying to fathom how life can change so quickly to the trials and heartbreak we are going through.

But I have faith.  I truly do.  And it’s not just a faith that the answers I seek will be made true.  But rather a faith that believes God, in his infinite wisdom, has a plan for all of us through this.

On a personal front, if I were honest I’d admit that I wish I could go back a year,  or even just 3 months.  Try to change things, do things differently, be different. Yet,  there is a hard fought joy in me today,  despite it all.  Because I’ve realized that there is nothing I can do to change the course of circumstances, to soften hearts, to open eyes.  There is a genuine relief in me, knowing that my future is literally not in my fumbling,  bumbling,  imperfect hands. I frankly have to turn to my Father and ask Him to hear my prayers and answer them. In the meantime, I can hope for a sign, something. My own Christmas Miracle.

And so I welcome this Christmas morning like no other I have experienced.  Because I not only celebrate the birth of my Savior,  my Redeemer.  But I also celebrate the promise I have in him. And I thank Him for my children,  my family,  my co-workers and friends.

Merry Christmas