Back to the Future

So…why haven’t I been blogging? Great question. The Road of Life has many twists and turns and sometimes you have to spend alot of effort focusing to stay between the yellow lines. That’s what I’ve been doing.

But I miss this, journaling the past, present, future of Christopher Ross.

I’m back. Not like a Michael Jordan back from playing minor league baseball. Not like Jay Leno and that milquetoast drivel of a Tonight Show. No, I’m back like that sock that somehow slipped your grasp and hung out in the laundry room foe a while, partying with that ill-fitting camisole until the break of dawn, only to discover life was so much better with a partner and magically appeared in the basket to be joined anew. Yup.

P.s. Find me on twitter. I’m much better in 140-character doses.

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