Road Ramblings

This year has seen more road trips than probably the 4 years prior, which has been most a good thing. As much as I love air travel, there’s something to be said for traveling the highways and interstates of this great country. A few observations:

Terrestrial Radio is Dead. Other than the superstition WBBM News Radio 780 the days of big name DJs that put their city on the map with their voices are gone. In fact many stations ‘outsource’ their morning DJs, who cover several stations and then record specific local color to be added into the broadcast. But I’m more disappointed than concerned, as Audible books and podcasts have become my favorite way to pass the time.

Unless you bought a car in the past year, your phone GPS is hands down better. Trust me on this. Particularly if traveling relatively new roads or in areas of congested traffic, phone GPS/traffic/mapping apps are way better.

Which brings me to another car-related point. Not all car Bluetooth integrations are alike. GMs are the worse, with Cadillac getting called out for their ridiculous touch display system and buttons. I can never get them to work properly. And when I had a Buick proudly display it was powered by Windows Vista I promptly returned the rental and got a Ford. The best I’ved used? Chrysler 300 series, hands down. Best at recognizing my phone, integration, and ease of use.

I’m still amazed at the number of Left Lane Losers (or, Passing Lane Pinheads) that would rather you ride their bumper (which I will, especially when in command of a rented SUV) than swallow their pride and move over. Were there a law that would allow a citizen to pull them and take a ball peen hammer to their knee, I’d have to give it some consideration. Please, just move the heck over and stop trying to play cop.

Growing up we took many road trips, which added even more adventure to the cultural excitement of being Army brats stationed here and abroad. My own children have that travel gene, able to comfort and enjoy themselves on long journeys. Of course, in-car WiFi, iPad, tablets, and DVDs help too. And when it gets real quiet and I can see they’re napping, I think how blessed I am to have this time to spend with them.

There’s so much more of this country I plan to see from behind the wheel and by rail. Recently sent off for information on the Bluegrass Parkway, which I hope to travel this fall.

Life is good. Well, ok. But I’m discovering. And that’s making the journey worthwhile.