A Walk to Remember

View from walking trailAfter being out of town for a few days I looked forward to seeing my kids. And what better way to say I missed them than by going to TCBY?!

I was able to convince them to walk the 1.5m, something I do a few times a week because Starbucks is nearby. It was my hope they would enjoy the experience as much as I do, walking along the trail and taking it all in.

Their mother decided to join us. And so there we all were, walking and talking, laughing and running, as a family. Or the semblance of one. It’s difficult to fathom what would compel someone to not give their all to make this moment last. Those thoughts were brief, thankfully. Because there were a 12yr old and 5yr old girls wanting piggyback rides. Still.


But it was a grand time, and we will have more like this, the kids and I. And, when we get back I”ll continue to wash and massage my girls’ feet afterwards, because they believe that’s what daddy is supposed to do, and I can’t think of a good reason not to.

Today was a great day. #Happy