Self Cleaning Oven


For some reason I decided to clean one of my ovens the other morning. Being a newer appliance, gone are the days of scrubbing and cleaners. Instead, you push the Self Clean button and 4hrs later you vacuum out the ashes, easy peasy.

Oh, if only life was that easy right? When you get to a point of self-reflection whereby you decide to make some changes, but know that the willpower to make those changes is going to be a battle. And that the journey to where you want or need to be is going to be messy. To have a way to just push a button and merely sweep away the remnant ashes would be very, very welcome.

But as the saying goes, “When you find yourself going through hell, keep going.” There is something cathartic about going through trials and coming out the other end with a renewed sense of faith, ability, confidence, even friendships. It’s not something I’d personally volunteer for, which is probably a good reason God didn’t give me a Self Clean button. I’d be pushing that thing pretty regularly.

Anyways, now my oven is clean. And I’m going to bake cookies for my kids. Maybe bread too. Just had to share something I thought was insightful (to me, at least).