What I Am Thankful For 2014

The best part of thanksgiving day for me is finding time to think of those that I owe thanks to, a debt of gratitude. This year, I want to start sharing a little of what has come to my mind.

Good Health
This has been a year wherein, save for a back spasm that wouldn’t end, has been relative illness free. It may not seem noteworthy, but as I get older, I’m thankful that my calendar age has little significance to how I feel. Which is pretty great. Metabolism is solid, which is a good thing since I’ve become very creative in my reasons for not walking down to the gym…which happens to be in my basement 🙂

Anyone would be blessed to have my family, I real believe that. The past 12mos have been emotionally and spiritually challenging, but through it all we’ve been there for one another. I’m particularly appreciative of my parents, who have shown no limits to their love and devotion, arguably misplaced, to me. And my sister Rhonda, my closest confidant. I’m grateful to have her ear, and know that I can whine to her and seek her advice at any moment.

Then there are my kids. I love them with all my heart, and couldn’t be prouder of how they have grown, adapted, and flourished this year. Ian’s receipt of the President’s Scholarship, and doing very well at college. Zachary taking the mantle of oldest child in Ian’s absence, has begun to show signs of technical prowess while continuing to demonstrate a giving spirit.

And my girls. Sigh. If Olivia reads this to Phoebe, I’m sunk. But they are my princesses, Olivia maturing gracefully, though still allergic to dresses and skirts. And Phoebe learning to read and using every piece of paper in the house to practice her penmanship and compose her personal life journal.

I don’t use the term friend lightly, for good reason. My friends have shown their true colors this year in a magnitude I can’t put into words. Whether it be to offer condolences, advice, support, and even candy. Especially candy. They’re the best. And as true friends, I know that there will be times they need to call on me, and I will be there for them.

I love what I do, and while it pains me to break ties when we just can’t agree, I’ve take away learnings each time that I believe further my abilities and eventually validate my vision and beliefs. I’m a technology mercenary :). To be given the opportunity every day to work with people I truly admire and respect, in an industry that is constantly changing and increasing in impact, it is wonderful. My hope one day is to be in a position where I can use my talents in volunteer efforts, and truly give back some of what I have been afforded.

My church, Calvary Naperville, has been a godsend. It’s hard to believe that it has been over 18yrs since I first walked through those doors. I love being a part of a community so uplifting to one and all. Not a week goes by where I find myself encouraged, challenged, sometimes beat up, but always loved. To each of the pastors, friends, even congregants who I’ve never formally met but still share smiles and handshakes with, to each of them I say Thank You.

I began this post early morning, and since then the days has been enveloped in friends and family sharing food, laughter, and generally good times together. My older kids are playing games downstairs with their cousins, while Phoebe camps out with me upstairs. I’m blessed beyond what I could possibly ask for.

I’ve decided that this will be my family’s last “traditional” Thanksgiving day. Next year, we will volunteer at least part of our Thanksgiving day to serve others. We will have our turkey dinner on Friday, thumbing our nose at Black Friday. I’m excited to start this, knowing that it will be something that my possibly become a family tradition for years to come.

So, Thanksgiving 2014. I have so much to be thankful for, and it is my strong desire to show my thanks to everyone and in every way.