It’s All About The ‘cakes

Ah, pancakes! Pan Cakes! They’re cakes! Aren’t they just the best? Easily one of the most versatile foods, just as good for breakfast as they are for any other time of the day. A novelty/hack in my home is Breakfast for Dinner, when we pretend we’re late night truckers stopping off after delivering a load of depleted uranium into Canada and have a hankering for breakfast. For dinner.

But I digress. I’m in the process of moving all my videos onto a single platform, at least until I figure out what to do with this – anybody interested in buying a slightly used domain?


Oh, and I’m kidding about late night trucker play acting. Usually we go with dad in the role of crusty old line cook, regaling everyone with oft-told stories of his time in the Army, and the kids are ravers coming down from an ecstasy binge.