Random Thoughts

It’s December 1st, so let me ring in the holidays by clearing my brain of a few missives. And it makes me feel better about the length of time between posts 🙂

  • The Republican party deserves a Trump candidacy. #fact
  • Cranberries deserve a place right next to bacon
  • I’m over turkey in, like, two days. Ham? I’ll eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week
  • When did saying ‘Thank You’ become so strenuous? To many burst a blood vessel over showing appreciation
  • Amazon Fire TV is the best tech deal on the planet. Discovering Spotify Connect is simply awesome
  • Sames goes for Amazon Fire Tablets. Just buy one.
  • Every time I’m stuck behind someone cruising in the left lane I imagine them listening to this in stupid bliss
  • The Rachel Maddow Show is the best political show on tv.
  • So many trailers, by the time Star Wars debuts I fear I’ll have seen most of the movie already
  • I so love candy. My dentist found a cavity. #Can’tStopWon’tStop
  • For all I love about #Chicago, I’m both mad and ashamed at the seemingly endless violence, racism, and injustice
  • My kids and I have what we call Ross Dance Party. I’m not to proud to say I’m better at hitting the sack than hitting the quan
  • Not gonna lie. I’m a mama’s boy for life. #LoveYouMom