My 2016 Podcasts – New Learning

So I decided that this year I’ll break this list of favorites up into separate posts by the categories of New Learning, Storytelling, Music, Business & Technology, News & Politics, Pop Culture, and Food.

First, a shout out to the app that I use, Pocket Casts. Available for the Web, Apple, Windows, and Android devices, it has a clean UI and alot of features to make it easy to customize your experience uniquely, even for a specific podcast. It syncs across all your devices, which is a nice touch for those times where you may be going from a table to a phone or vice versa. Also, it supports Chromecast, a nice touch. Highly recommended.

Hope this series of posts introduces you to a few new favorites of your own for 2017.

New Learning

When I looked at my reading list for 2016 on GoodReads, I realized that I just didn’t get through as many books as I’d anticipated. This is why. There is so much topical discussions available as podcasts, it’s seriously cut into my book reading.

Adam Ruins Everything

Adam’s tv show (really, the only reason I ever watched TruTV) is a great mixture of sarcastic humor and interesting discovery about everyday things you think you know the full story of. On his podcasts, he has the luxury of going into more detail with the experts introduced on show.

BBC World Service: 50 Things That made The Modern Economy

My newest discovery, courtesy of the Planet Money podcast. Over the course of 50 podcasts, learn about interesting ideas and inventions that shape our world. I’ve only listed to the episode on the origins of banking, but had several more already downloaded.

Freakonomics Radio

From the brilliant economists that brought us the books and movie by the same name, this podcast is a little hit/miss for me in terms of interesting subjects. But I subscribe nonetheless because when they’re good, they’re very good.

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

From the How Stuff Works family,  this podcast subject matter tends towards the more conspiratorial, but does a good job of laying out the facts and suppositions before jumping into the tin hat theories.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Another Stuff podcast, this is probably the one I’m most likely to skip every so often. Chock-full of science, some of the subjects just don’t interest me.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Hands down my favorite New Learning podcast. Holly and Tracy really do their homework, making each subject both interesting and so well researched you really do feel privileged to listen to them.

Stuff You Should Know

If Holly and Tracy were to clone themselves as the opposite gender, and add a bit of juvenile male humor, you’d have Chuck & Josh. Enough said.

TED Radio Hour and Ted Talks

I don’t listen as often as i used to, mostly because the topics can be a bit…droll? Take a look for yourself. Not that they’re not worthwhile, but my listening tends to be at airports.

Next up: Music Podcasts